11 Hard Truths About Your Garbage

Garbage collection isn’t our concern because there are people to take care of that for us, so why give it a second thought? In fact, for most of us, once the garbage has been taken out, it is out of our minds. In today’s age of awareness, most people are now paying attention to what they throw away.

If you haven’t thought about what happens to your garbage once it’s on the curb, these facts will open up your mind:

#1 - Electronic Waste Is A BIG Problem

The next time you find yourself chucking out old electronics remember that we humans produce over 50 million tons of electrical waste per year. That’s a lot of electronics going to the dump.

#2 - The Amount Of Food Waste Is Astonishing

While world hunger is a major crisis across the globe, did you know that we throw over 7 million tons of food a year? The real shocker, over half of all food waste is still edible!

#3 - Weird-Looking Produce Deserve A Second Chance

Up to 40% of all fresh produce are rejected and thrown away by big-chain supermarkets all because they don’t look appealing. Misshapen, weird-looking and lumpy fruits and vegetables have the same vitamins as the pretty ones, let’s stop throwing perfectly good produce away.

#4 - The Packaging Problem

Over a third of all trash created is just from packaging. Think twice before buying a product that is heavily wrapped.

#5 - Give Composting A Try

Although the waste truck routing software makes garbage collecting a breeze, some organic garbage like fruit peels and eggshells should be composted so our landfills don’t overflow.

#6 - Top Trash-Producing Country

While the US population only adds up to 5% of the entire world population, the country generates almost 40% of all global trash. That’s an estimate of 1,600 pounds of trash per person, per year!

#7 - Plastic Bags Are Killing The Planet

Sadly, the UK alone goes through 500 million single-use plastic bags in a week which adds up to billions of bags in a year. A bag that is used for a few hours will take anywhere from 500 to 1000 years to decompose, so it’s time to ditch the plastic bags.

#8 - Failure To Segregate Is All Too Common

Most households do not take garbage segregation seriously. With the help of a waste truck routing software, trash pickup can be organized to encourage homes to segregate waste accordingly or risk not getting their trash picked up at all.

#9 - The Holidays Create More Trash

Trash can are filled to the brim with discarded wrapping paper, product packaging, and food waste over the holidays which puts a strain on landfills, and the Earth.

#10 - Disposable Nappies Are A Danger

Did you know that one baby can go through a car’s weight in disposable diapers? Go for the reusable diapers instead; it’s better for your savings and the environment.

#11 - Plastic Waste Is Taking Over

If we don’t change our habits soon, there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish by 2050.

Dispose of your trash responsibly and do what you can to cut back on waste to help the planet recover before it is too late.

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